Grand Teton National Park

Skiing & Snowboarding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
The Tetons, rising like a sentry wall on the horizon of Jackson Hole, offers skiers a measure of humbling perspective (Nathan Borchelt)

When snow depth is sufficient, snowmobile routes including the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail (CDST) will be open within Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway. For the unplowed portion of the Teton Park Road, the snowmobile season is generally mid-December through mid-March. The season for the CDST is considerably shorter. Travel on Jackson Lake is not recommended because of numerous hazards.

Winter places enormous stress on wildlife. Observe animals from a distance. If you cause an animal to move, you are too close. Unnecessary movement for wildlife uses precious body fat needed to survive the harsh winter.

Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail (CDST)

The CDST connects Dubois, Lander, and the Togwotee Pass areas with Yellowstone National Park.

The CDST is a groomed trail and may be closed periodically for grooming. For current information on trail conditions, call the park or ask at the Moose Visitor Center and the Flagg Ranch Information Station; or check bulletin boards located along the CDST at the East Entrance to Grand Teton, at Signal Mountain, and the Snake River Bridge at Flagg Ranch.

The CDST is located immediately adjacent to the plowed road and follows Highway 26-287 from the east park boundary to Moran Junction, then follows Highway 89 to the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

From the east park boundary to Jackson Lake Junction, the CDST is located on the north side of the highway. At Jackson Lake Junction the trail crosses the highway to the west side and follows an old roadbed north to Christian Creek. After crossing Christian Creek, the trail passes under the highway bridge and continues north to Flagg Ranch on the east side of the highway.

A spur trail from Jackson Lake Junction south connects the CDST with the Teton Park Road snowmobile route. This spur trail follows the north side of the Teton Park Road to Jackson Lake Dam. From Jackson Lake Dam to Signal Mountain, snowmobiles must share the roadway with wheeled vehicles, so snowmobile operators must be extremely cautious. The snowmobile route from Signal Mountain south to Taggart Lake parking area follows the unplowed road and is not groomed.

More Trails

Jackson Lake Junction Snowmobile trail crosses the highway at the junction. Be cautious when crossing the highway. North of Jackson Lake Jct., the snowmobile trail is on the west side of the highway until Christian Creek.

Christian Creek Snowmobile trail crosses Christian Creek on the west side of the highway, then passes under the highway bridge to the east side of the highway. North of Christian Creek, the snowmobile trail is on the east side of the highway.

Jackson Lake Dam Snowmobiles and wheeled vehicles share the road from Jackson Lake Dam south to Signal Mountain—be cautious.

Open Areas
Designated, unplowed roads and the groomed Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail are open to snowmobiling. In addition, the surface of Jackson Lake is open when the ice is safe enough to accommodate snowmobiles.

Closed Areas
To protect wildlife, Kelly Hill, Snake River bottom from one mile north of Moose to Moran Junction, Buffalo Fork bottom from Moran Junction to the park boundary, Wolff Ridge, Uhl Hill, and Willow Flats are closed to all winter travel. Plowed roads and road shoulders are closed to oversnow vehicles.

Trail Distances

Moran Junction to Jackson Lake Junction: 5 mi
Jackson Lake Junction to Signal Mountain: 3 mi
Signal Mountain to Taggart Lake parking area: 15 mi
Signal Mountain summit road: 5 mi
Jackson Lake Junction to Colter Bay: 6 mi
Colter Bay to Flagg Ranch: 15 mi
Flagg Ranch to Grassy Lake: 11 mi
Moose-Wilson road: 2 mi

Shuttle Service

Flagg Ranch is authorized to provide shuttle service from Flagg Ranch to a staging area east of Moran. For information and reservations, call 307-543-2861. Please call one day in advance.


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