Grand Teton National Park Biking Overview


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

  • Bike the Antelope Flats area east of Highway 191 for a smooth grade through sagebrush flats that takes you through some prime bison-spotting territory and past the historic and picturesque Moulton Cabin.
  • Widened shoulders along the three-mile Jenny Lake Scenic Drive make it a popular route with cyclists. Pedal through lodgepole stands and open prairie while taking in views of the looming Cathedral Group.
  • The Moose-Wilson Road, a light-traffic route with impressive mountain views, runs seven miles southwest from Moose before leaving the park on its way to the towns of Teton Village and Wilson. Take a side trip to the shore of Phelps Lake along the JY Ranch Road.
  • Spend an afternoon biking the Gros Ventre Road from near the south entrance to Lower Slide Lake 12 miles northeast, just outside the park’s boundaries. The mostly flat route follows the base of the Gros Ventre Mountain Range and the Gros Ventre River, providing plenty to gape at as you pedal.

Like most national parks, there's scant off-road riding at Grand Teton. Bicycles are not allowed on any trails in Grand Teton National Park or the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway. But that's no reason to sing the biker's blues. You can ride your fat-tired bicycle on any unpaved roads where cars can legally go. And there are even some paved roads that should get you singing happy.

Unpaved Roads

Two-Ocean Lake Road Three miles of dirt road lead from the Pacific Creek Road to Two-Ocean Lake for a short but scenic ride over rolling terrain.

River Road A gravel road parallels the west side of the Snake River for approximately 15 miles between Signal Mountain and Cottonwood Creek. Watch for wildlife. Maintain a safe distance (300 feet minimum) from large animals, such as bison, that frequent this area.

Grassy Lake Road Travel an old American Indian route through the transition between Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Ride all or part of the 52-mile road that starts west of Flagg Ranch and continues to Ashton, Idaho.

Paved Roads

Teton Park Road Recent road construction from Moose to North Jenny Lake Junction included widening the road shoulders. The adjacent three-mile Jenny Lake Scenic Drive provides spectacular views of the tallest Teton peaks.

Antelope Flats - Kelly Area Bicycle secondary roads through sagebrush flats with spectacular views of the Teton Range.


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