Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Mountain Biking

Here's a good selection of bike rides broken out by area. So strap on an extra water bottle (or two), and get pedaling!


Warm Creek Road (#230)—13+ miles. A popular road from Big Water, Utah, to various points. This road is rocky and very muddy when wet.

Crosby Canyon Road (#231)—13 miles from Big Water to the lake. Part of this road runs through a wash, so be on the lookout for flash floods during storms.

Alstrom Point Road (#264)—8-mile sandy spur off Warm Creek Road to a spectacular overlook.

Grand Bench Road (#262)—38 miles one way from the junction with Warm Creek Road. This road contains sandy and difficult terrain, making it a very strenuous trip.


Hole-in-the-Rock Road (#330)—13 miles from the Glen Canyon NRA boundary to the overlook of the historic crossing. This road is only intermittently maintained within the recreation area and is very rocky.

Purple Hills (#332)—12 miles from the Glen Canyon NRA boundary to Purple Hills. This rough road provides views of the Circle Cliffs.

Burr Trail (#531)—The first 8 miles of this popular road are within Glen Canyon NRA. This road is well-maintained and has both unpaved and chipsealed sections. The entire road is 70 miles in length from Bullfrog to Boulder, Utah, and connects with many interesting side roads. This road receives much vehicular traffic, so watch out for cars and trucks.

Halls Crossing/San Juan

Hole-in-the-Rock Road, (#450)—10 miles of this historic trail are within Glen Canyon NRA. This is a continuation of the pioneer trail from Escalante. (See Bullfrog/Escalante above.) This entire section of the trail from SR 276 provides for excellent long-range trips. The road is unmaintained, rough, and rocky, with steep and/or sandy stretches.

John's Canyon (#456)—8-mile spur from SR 316. This rocky road provides some hiking access to John's Canyon. The road is closed beyond 8 miles, on the west side of John's Canyon at the National Recreation Area Boundary.

Orange Cliffs

Camping in the Orange Cliffs north of Clearwater Canyon is by permit only.

Flint Trail (#633)—It is 53 miles between Hans Flat and Hite. This is a rocky road with sandy portions and steep grades on the switchbacks. Camping south of Clearwater Canyon is currently permissible with no permit.

North Hatch Canyon (#730)—3 miles within Glen Canyon NRA. The entire road offers interesting geologic views along with Indian and cowboy petroglyphs. This extremely rough road eventually leads to the Dirty Devil River. Fording the river to Poison Spring Canyon is not always possible.

Panorama Point/Cleopatra's Chair (#744, 774, 775)—It is 10 miles from Hans Flat to Cleopatra's Chair. This moderately rough, rocky road leads to excellent views.

Land's End/Big Ridge (#731)—Spur road. It is 16 miles from the Flint Trail to Land's End. This road covers a generally flat, wooded terrain to scenic views.

Standing Rocks (#756)—13-mile spur from the Flint Trail. This road has sandy and rough slickrock sections. Access to the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park is provided.

Brown's Rim (#632)—4 miles within Glen Canyon NRA from SR 95 junction along Brown's Rim. This maintained dirt road provides a possible loop trip through BLM lands back to SR 95.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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