Gifts for the Kids

Our top five picks for the active kids on your list
Our top five picks for the active kids on your list
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These picks are just the start of the hundreds of great gear reviews parsed out by our Gearzilla gear experts. Check out more kid-friendly picks.

GeoPalz Pedometer
Get your kids psyched for playing in the great outdoors by adding some tactile measurements thanks to these kid-friendly pedometers.

Tecnica Moon Boot Original
Step into your own childhood by outfitting the kids on your list with these fantastically retro moon boots, guaranteed to keep the feet warm and the look planted in the best of the ‘70s.

Nutcase Multisport Helmet
Bike helmets? Of course. But fun bike helmets? Not as easy to find. Thankfully, Nutcase boasts a hearty collection of kid-specific, crazy, colorful designs.

Princeton Tec Bot Headlamp
Help the little ones on your list brave the dark, dark night with these great kid-friendly headlamps. A choice of vivid colors allows for all variety of favorite-color indulgence, and the controls are tailored for use by smaller hands.

Patagonia Girls Two-Piece Swim Suit Set
The young girls will love the bright colors and the bikini cut. The parents of those young girls will love the sport-specific, modestly crafted suit for how it stretches and keeps things covered.


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