Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Camping in Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Camping in Gifford Pinchot National Forest Camping in Gifford Pinchot National Forest (Paul Edmondson/National Geographic/Getty)

Campsites in the following campgrounds list are available for advanced reservation through the National Recreation Reservation Service. These campsites are managed for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest by Northwest Land Management, 675 Gilman Street, Palo Alto, California 94301-2528. Call Toll Free: 877-444-6777.

Some campgrounds close after Labor Day, but dispersed camping is still permitted.

Campground Capacity Persons Total Sites Sites Reserveable Water
High Lakes
Walupt Horse 6 3 3 Yes
Walupt Horse MF 12 6 6 Yes
Walupt Lake 6 39 28 Yes
Walupt Lake MF 12 3 2 Yes
Adams Fork #21 12 1 1 Yes
Adams Fork #13 20 1 1 Yes
Adams Fork #11 10 1 1 Yes
Adams Fork 6 21 14 Yes
Cat Creek 6 5 0 No
Ollalie 6 5 0 No
Chain of Lakes 6 3 0 No
Council 6 9 0 No
Takhlakh 6 47 26 Yes
Takhlakh Premium 6 8 6 Yes
Takhlakh MF 12 7 5 Yes
Lewis River/Sunset Falls
Lower Falls 6 40 24 Yes
Lower Falls MF 12 2 2 Yes
Lower Falls Grp 20 1 1 Yes
Twin Falls 6 8 0 No
Sunset Falls 6 18 12 Yes
Tower Rock 6 15 10 Yes
Tower Rock Prem 6 7 5 Yes
Nrth Fk Gp Bear 40 1 1 Yes
Nrth Fk Gp Beaver 40 1 1 Yes
Nrth Fk Gp Elk 40 1 1 Yes
North Fork 6 29 20 Yes
North Fork Prem 6 4 3 Yes
Iron Creek 6 72 57 Yes
Iron Creek Prem 6 9 7 Yes
Iron Creek MF 12 17 14 Yes
Blue Lake Creek 6 11 10 Yes
Mt. Adams
Oklahoma 6 23 14 Yes
Moss Creek 6 17 10 Yes
Goose Lake 6 14 10 Btl
Goose Lake Prem 6 6 4 Btl
Peterson Prairie 6 23 16 Yes
Peterson Pre MF 12 7 5 Yes
Peterson Sm Grp 20 1 1 Yes
Peterson Group 50 1 1 Yes
Atkinson Group 50 1 1 No
Cultus Creek 6 43 32 Yes
Cultus Creek MF 12 8 5 Yes
Wind River
Beaver 6 16 12 Yes
Beaver Premium 6 3 3 Yes
Beaver MF 12 5 4 Yes
Beaver Group 60 1 1 Yes
Paradise Creek 6 29 23 Yes
Paradise Cr Prem 6 5 4 Yes
Paradise MF 12 8 4 Yes
Panther Creek 6 25 20 Yes
Panther MF 12 8 6 Yes
  • Capacities are maximum per site. Additional sites must be purchased if over limit.
  • MF: Multi Family sites are designed for larger families or groups of up to 12 persons and two vehicles.
  • Pre: Premium Site, stream or lakeside. Premium sites are not yet separately available through the reservations service. They are available by direct request to Northwest Land Management. Please make your reservation for a regular site first, then call the appropriate office to request a premium site. Any upgrade costs will be collected upon arrival.
  • Group campsites can accommodate varying numbers of people and vehicles. Small group campsites accommodate 20 or fewer people. Campsite capacities are listed separately for each campground. The number of vehicles is limited by the parking space available for each campsite. The vehicle fee is included with the campsite fee.

Outside of Campgrounds
Camping outside of campgrounds is permitted throughout most of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Please observe a few simple guidelines to make your stay safer and fun, practice the "No Trace" ethic and leave a clean forest for others to enjoy.


  • Maximum Stay Limit: 28 days per site, 45 days per year.
  • After 28 days, you are required to move at least 5 miles away.
  • Locate your camping spot outside of fragile meadows and restricted areas, and preferably on bare or mineral soil.
  • Camp out of view from major roads and trails, where possible.
  • Camp at least 100 feet away from the shoreline of lakes and streams to help protect plants and animals that use these areas.
  • Avoid trenching around sleeping areas. Select a campsite with good natural drainage.

Streams and lakes are home to many microscopic organisms; some of them can make you very sick. So don't take a chance; treat your water or bring water from home... and, of course, never clean dishes or fish in a stream or lake.

Campfires are a favorite camping tradition. Help protect the site and forest with a few precautions:

Use camp stoves to help conserve ground cover resources or....

  • Use and existing fire ring where available. If you need one, build it small and in a safe place and not under overhanging branches.
  • Gather only dead and down wood for your fire while camping. Never cut (or nail into) live trees. (A firewood permit is required to remove wood from the Forest.)
  • You should have a bucket, shovel, and axe available to control or extinguish escaped fire. Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Remember Smokey's Message: "Prevent Forest Fires." Be sure your fire is DEAD OUT before you leave. Drown it, turn it, stir it until it's cool to the touch (including charcoal).

Human Waste
If there are no toilets available, choose a suitable, screened spot at least 100 feet away from any stream or lake. Dig a small hole about 6 inches deep by 8 inches in diameter. After use, fill the hole with soil and replace the duff. This allows the waste to decompose naturally. Bury toilet paper in the same hole. Empty built-in or portable toilets at sanitary dump stations.

Camp Waste
Always "PACK IT OUT!" Please leave your campsite cleaner than you found it. Clean up and remove any manure, hay and straw before leaving.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 11 Oct 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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