Top Ten Wildflower-Viewing Spots

Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains with reservoir
Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains dominate the skyline near Sheridan (Philip Nealey/Digital Vision/Getty)

5. Wyoming
Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming is beautiful anytime of year, but the color really torques up when wildflowers appear on the scene. Driving through the Bighorn Mountains along the Cloud Peak Skyway (Highway 16) in June and July offers spectacular wildflower displays in the open alpine meadows along this 45-mile stretch of road, with plenty of pullouts and turnouts along the way. Burgess Junction off Highway 14 is another primo wildflower-spotting location in the Bighorn National Forest. Hot pink shooting stars, lupines, larkspurs, and scarlet paintbrushes, the state flower, are just a small sample of the wildflower species in the area. The active set will want to stop at the Burgess Junction Visitor Center for information about hikes in the area. Plus, nearby Ten Sleep, Wyoming, is a famous rock-climbing hotspot.

Published: 21 Mar 2009 | Last Updated: 8 May 2012
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