Top Ten Wildflower-Viewing Spots

Wildflowers in Bar Harbor, Maine
Spring flowers brighten the town of Bar Harbor, Maine, near Acadia National Park (Joseph Devenney/Photographer's Choice/Getty)

9. Maine
The northeast is known for its harsh winters, so when flowers start pushing through the snow, there's cause for celebration. Maine's Acadia National Park has plenty of color in the spring, but many of the flowers are not actually indigenous to the area. To find out which ones are, visit the Wild Gardens of Acadia in the Sieur de Monts Spring area of the park, where 300 native species have been identified and labeled. Then head off into the park to see the various posies growing wild. The wooded area of the park is the best place to find common native woodland flowers, such as wild lily-of-the-valley, goldthread, and starflower. In August and September, native asters and goldenrods are in bloom. Carriage roads that wind through the park, such as those between Eagle Lake and Witch Hole Pond, make for easy hikes with plenty of flower action along the way.

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Published: 21 Mar 2009 | Last Updated: 8 May 2012
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