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St. Martins to Saint John
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In St. Martins, you reconnect with the Fundy coast. Spend at least a day in this charming village to walk the beaches, drive the backroads and relax in the small harbor park. From the park, you can see red cliffs and twin covered bridges. Take a look at the scallop boats (pronounced "SKULL-up") balancing on their keels in the dry harbor at low tide. You won't see pleasure craft here — because it's no pleasure to keep a boat in a harbor that's dry half the time.

One great area for walking near town is Melvin's Beach, which is on the other side of the largest roadless area of the Atlantic Seaboard. You reach it by walking down a path through fir, beech and sugar maple for less than a mile from the end of the road. The shore is covered with smooth pebbles of white quartz and granite splashed with patches of red, green and pink. The red sandstone cliffs are notched like screwdrivers, and several waterfalls dump cold water from the hillside over them.

Leaving St. Martins, head for the more urban sights of Saint John, the province's largest city (120,000 population). Many Loyalists from the American Revolution settled in Saint John in 1783; some houses and buildings still fly the British flag. A must stop is the Old City Market (closed Sundays). Opened in 1876, it is the oldest continuing farmer's market in Canada. In keeping with the region's seafaring image, the roof of this distinctive building is shaped like the keel of an inverted ship. Vendors sell their wares in open stalls along the walls — fish, cheese, baked goods, sausage, flowers and more. You can pick up the makings for a lunch to enjoy in the adjacent solarium or outdoors in Brunswick Square.

Distance: 36 miles from Sussex to St. Martins; from St. Martins to Saint John 30 miles
Time: One day
Highlights: Melvin's Beach, Old City Market, Brunswick Square
Activities along the way : Scenic walks

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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