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Fundy National Park to Sussex
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Fundy National Park has something for everyone. There are marked scenic drives through the forest, boardwalks through the marshes, miles of easy hiking trails and other hiking routes challenging enough for the hardiest adventurers.

You can plunge into a pool where the water is piped in from the bay and heated to a comfortable temperature. At the visitor's center, pick up a copy of "Salt & Fir," which gives touring suggestions, descriptions of hiking trails, and camping information. The bulletin board posts the day's schedule of interpretive walks and other programs.

Back on Route 114, you find yourself headed inland toward Sussex. You may wonder what happened to the Fundy coast. Looking at the map, you will see there are no roads along the coast for about 40 miles. An extremely rugged area of fjords and mountains, this stretch is the largest area of undeveloped coastline on the Eastern Seaboard. Only those in boats have seen it.

The country around Sussex is mostly farmland with rolling pastures spotted with grazing cows and woolly sheep. Sussex is also the heart of covered bridge country. As you're driving, you'll see signs picturing covering bridges. Taking these designated sideroads reveals more of this pastoral countryside — and a chance to realize your dreams. Maritimers say that if you close your eyes while making a wish in a covered bridge, your wish will come true. Passengers only, please!

Distance: 44 miles
Time: At least a day
Highlights: Eastern Seaboard Coastline, Covered Bridge Country
Activities along the way : Hiking, swimming, interpretive walks

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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