Weekend Angler: Dallas/Fort Worth

By Paul A. Caqada
  |  Gorp.com

The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and its 5-million-plus residents are surrounded by what is arguably the best bass fishing in America. Only Florida and California can match the quality and diversity of bass fishing in the Lone Star State.

Within a two-hour drive from this urban sprawl, anglers can launch a boat on any one of 15 top bassin' area lakes including world-famous Lake Fork, where ten-pound bass are as common as Texas drawls. When local anglers and traveling business types wake up each morning, they're faced with an embarrassment of watery riches.

Anglers may wish to test their mettle searching for the gigantic stripers of Lake Texoma, tackling largemouths hiding in the tree-lined clear waters of Lake Ray Roberts, speeding to a favorite cove on Lake Fork to angle for a world-record bass, or just darting around the lake looking for schools of sand bass on Cedar Creek Lake.

Few major cities have quality bass fisheries like Joe Pool Lake, Richland Chambers Lake, and Possum Kingdom Lake so near. The area also boasts many rivers worth fishing, including the Brazos. The fertile tailraces of many impoundments hold populations of bass, striper, and even carp (yes carp).

The tailwater below Lake Texoma is one of the finest striper fisheries in America. But one of the secret local destinations of the metropolitan Dallas/Fort Worth area is a fine fishery only a short drive away, a place where all the serious anglers go to catch lots of fat bass but never squeal about it —- Squaw Creek Reservoir.

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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