Top Ten Hidden Trout Fisheries

Piedra River, Colorado

East of Durango, the Piedra River provides over forty miles of canyon angling for wild browns and rainbows. The Spanish explorers named this freestone stream Rio Piedra, which means Stone River, and the landscape bears this out. The Piedra is for hikers and plunkers. The road doesn't stay close to this wild stream, so be prepared for long hikes or overnight stays in some of the densest forests in the Rockies. And the river is a series of pools and pocket water and riffles, making for ideal hiding places for fat, wild trout. To reach them, you'll need to get patterns under the water, especially with stonefly nymphs (but caddis hatch all summer long). This is a getaway spot, a river to hike along, camp along, enjoy the wildness of it all and fish to a lot of heavy-bodied wild trout. The river can be fished year-round but does muddy up after heavy rains. When it rains, enjoy dropping a line on its clearer tributaries.


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