A Woman's Practical Guide to Flyfishing

Flyfishing Fashion Plate
By Amy Becker Williams
  |  Gorp.com

If you've purchased waders, boots, and your equipment, then half of the battle of looking good on the water is over. Now you want to shop for the perfect vest, clothing, hats, and glasses. Thankfully, manufacturers are keeping up with the demand for women's gear and clothing as the number of female anglers continues to grow.

Several catalogs, such as Damsel Fly, The Outdoor Woman, and Sierra Woman, offer clothing just for women, while other companies, like Orvis, and L.L. Bean, offer a women's and men's line. Sierra Woman offers a number of fleece and waterproof jackets along with one of my favorite clothing items, the convertible travel pants by Ex Officio.

L.L. Bean carries the Royal Robbins Expedition Shirt for women, which wicks moisture, has UPF 30 protection from the sun, and is available sleeveless or long-sleeved with buttoned roll up sleeves. Their Mountain Hardware Pack Pants are pretty cool, with a soft chamois lining, side zippers to go over boots, pockets, and more. Check out the shorts too. L.L. Bean even offers style mavens zip off capri pants. Getting out there in the wild doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion.

And besides, even though there are more and more women on the water, men still make up the majority of flyfishers. If you're single, well, need I say more?

When selecting a vest, one of my main recommendations is to find one that has a comfortable yoke at the neck and, of course, plenty of pockets. Today's colors for women are beginning to veer away from camouflage green and brown and towards a bit more style, with colors such as mauve and shades of blue now offered.

Hats—I love them and won't get on the water without one, not just because I like how they look, but because a hat protects my head and ears from the sun and from the cold. You can purchase a specialized hat from a number of outdoor shops and catalogs, but don't limit yourself; one of my favorites came from a chain store in the mall.

Another necessity and fashion statement is a pair of sunglasses—but not just any kind will do. For flyfishing, you'll need polarized glasses to help you spot the fish and see into the depths of the pools without glare. Most importantly, the glasses will protect your eyes from wayward flies or from branches as you walk along the stream. Ultimately, you want to feel good and confident on the water.

Why Fly Fish?

For yourself
To be with others
For the isolation
For a challenge
For the beauty
For the calmness
For that flash of silver
For a nudge at the fly
To try
To laugh
To catch the big one
To catch any one
To shop for gear and gadgets
To meet new people
For the love of the outdoors
For any reason you see fit

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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