Top Ten Hidden Trout Fisheries

Black Canyon, Yellowstone River, Wyoming

Few anglers I talk with even know about this section of the mighty Yellowstone. The spectacular Black Canyon lies in the northern part of Yellowstone National Park, and the trip is not for those who don't like to hike. The Yellowstone River is the park's lifeblood, a huge river cutting a tremendous canyon. The most famous (and fished) section is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, but the Black Canyon stretch—so called for the dark colors of the canyon walls—rarely sees anglers. The single finest day of trout fishing I have ever experienced occurred near Hellroaring Creek on the Black Canyon. Three buddies and I hiked a couple of hours on a moderate trail to reach the big pocket water and deep runs of the wide river and ran smack dab into the legendary salmonfly hatch. The largest cutthroat we landed was near 25-inches in length (and that doesn't include the one that got away) and most trout averaged 18 to 22 inches. This trip is a classic backcountry angling trip, whether a long day hike, a shuttle hike or an extended hike. The trails are excellent, the river fertile, and the solitude unparalleled. Bring big rods—this is a big ol' river and the fish are fierce fighters.



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