Top Ten Arizona Adventures

Classic Adventures: Fishing Lees Ferry
By Tyler Williams

When Glen Canyon Dam plugged the Colorado River in the 1960s, outdoor recreation was not a priority, and the serenely beautiful Glen Canyon, along with the rejuvenating springtime floods in Grand Canyon, was lost. However, with the closing of the dam's floodgates, the Bureau of Reclamation unwittingly created a unique fishery for rainbow trout. The clear 46-degree water coming from the base of the dam is perfect habitat for trout, allowing approximately 15,000 fish per mile to swim here.

Though trout fishing in the desert might seem odd, it has its advantages. Unlike the Rocky Mountains, there's no need to wait for summer to fish here. Winter is a great time to visit: the fish are spawning and daytime temperatures reach into the 50-degree range. The desert scenery is spectacular also.


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