Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

Lower Coast Flats: Baffin Bay Area

Baffin Bay is a 25-mile run by boat from the marinas around the JFK Causeway Bridge at Corpus Christi. Famous for its big trout, Baffin Bay has been difficult for anglers using flies and other artificials in recent years because of the effect of the"brown tide" algal bloom on water clarity. However, there are encouraging signs that the algae are receding and clear water is returning on a number of Baffin Bay flats and shorelines. "If you have water clarity, the fly fishing is excellent around the rocks in Baffin," says guide Joe Mendez, referring to the prehistoric rock formations created by colonies of serpulid worms. Unique to Baffin Bay, these large "rocks" lie just under the surface in many instances and require boaters to be extremely cautious when navigating these waters.

One of the many Baffin Bay features that hold trout and redfish is the shallow flat that runs along the Tide Gauge sandbar. Boaters can access this area by boat, heading south along the King Ranch shoreline. A right turn at the Point of Rocks at the opening to Baffin Bay and crossing an area called Cat Head, where state record-setting spotted seatrout have been caught, brings you to Tide Gauge, a long, light sandbar that runs all the way to East Kleberg Point. Here waders will find water clear enough to fish even when the brown tide is present. Tailing redfish also show up on this feature. Fly-fishing guide Joe Mendez recommends medium-sized lead-eyed Clousers or large poppers around the edges of the rocks. The Red Minnow pattern, a fly tied by Buddy Weir and described as "a cross between a Deceiver and Keys tarpon fly," also has worked well in the Baffin area on reds and trout.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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