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Greer, AZ
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The White Mountains of eastern Arizona are one of the underrated scenic spots in the West, not to mention the fact that most anglers underestimate the fantastic fishing for Apache trout in small streams and big rainbows in small lakes. Greer is barely a town but it is still a majestic spot to call home for an extended fishing vacation. Located in the heart of the White Mountains, it is surrounded by low-slung, green-forested mountains.

Since the White Mountains are largely unknown to most, they are an excellent home base from which to fish a couple of rivers and a lake or two each day. Make sure to try fishing both in the national forest and on Apache Reservation Land, because baby, this is some prime-time water. Apache trout are a lovely, fighting fish, well worth your angling attention.

The rivers are small but the size of the trout will astound you. The lakes are intimate, plentiful, and bountiful, some holding trout as big as (gulp) 15 pounds on up. Trout fishermen can entice salmonids on the Little Colorado, Black, White, and Blue Rivers and toss flies and lures on scads of rainbow-rich lakes like Horseshoe-Cienega, Earl Park, and A-1.

Red Setter Inn Bed and Breakfast (602-735-7441) was recently showcased in a national magazine, but it is difficult to get reservations in this stylish roadside inn. Two other ideal home base choices are Snowy Mountain Inn, which has new, clean cabins (602-735-7576), and an old favorite, Greer Lodge (602-735-7515).

What eateries? Bring your own food.

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Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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