Top Ten Hikes for Families in Yellowstone National Park

Hikes for Classic Scenery: Lost Lake Trail

Tower area, 4 miles

This is a nice, short hike to a waterfall, a small lake, a petrified tree, and great views of the Beartooth-Absaroka Range. Starting behind the Roosevelt Lodge follow the trail up the wooded hillside to a junction; by turning left and going approximately a half-mile you'll come to Lost Creek Falls. From here you can retrace your steps and continue on for a little over a mile through an open meadow to the lovely, little Lost Lake. From the lake, the trail winds along the hillside until descending to the Petrified Tree Parking Area. Here, as the name suggests, you'll find a petrified tree protected by an iron fence. To get back to Roosevelt Lodge, take the trail at the northeast end of the lot and follow it as it climbs to an open hilltop for views until descending to the Tower Ranger Station. The lodge is a quarter-mile from the lodge.



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