Top Ten Hikes for Families in Yellowstone National Park

Hikes for Peak Climbs: Mount Washburn Trail

Grand Canyon area, 6 miles round-trip

There are two options to the 10,000+ peak, both a six-mile round trip: from Dunraven Pass, which offers switchbacks through the middle portion, and from Chittenden Road Parking Area, which is a bit less scenic but offers a more gradual, straight path to the peak. Either way, you will find wildflowers, bighorn sheep, and a spectacular vista of the park and its surrounding mountain ranges. It's by no means easy, but if you take your time it is not too strenuous, even for children. If there is one hike where you might want to push the limits a bit, this is it: The rewards are well worth the effort. (There's a lookout tower at the summit with restrooms and telescopes for rejuvenating the batteries.)


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