Everglades National Park


The Glades are synonymous with great birdwatching. Some 350 species currently fly around the park at one time or another during the year. In 1994, the American Birdwatchers Associated selected the Glades as the fourth best birdwatching spot in the U.S. Some prime birding spots include the Anhinga Trail in the Long Pine Key area, the Snake Bight Trail, and Eco Pond in the Flamingo area. Watch for Roseate Spoonbill, Purple Gallinule, and Short-tailed Hawk, along with scads of egrets and herons, osprey, shore birds and during the winter, many migratory species found up north in the summer.

A final note: Mosquitos more than six inches in length do count on your lifetime bird list.

B Breeding status
Sp Spring (March 1 - May 31)
Su Summer (June 1 - July 31)
F Fall (August 1 - November 15)
W Winter (November 16 - February 28)
c Commonly observed
u Uncommonly observed
r rarely observed
* Fewer than 10 records
+ Breeding
? Breeding status unknown
B Sp Su F W
Red-throated Loon *
Common Loon r r r
Pled-billed Grebe + c u c c
Horned Grebe c c c
Red-necked Grebe *
Sooty Shearwater *
Wilson's Storm-Petrel *
Brown Booby *
Northern Gannet * * *
American White Pelican c r c c
Brown Pelican + c c c c
Great Cormorant *
Double-crested Cormorant + c c c c
Anhinga + c c c c
Magnificent Frigatebird u u u u
American Bittern ? u r u c
Least Bittern + u u u u
Great Blue Heron + c c c c
Great Blue Heron (White Phase) + c c c c
Great Egret + c c c c
Snowy Egret + c c c c
Little Blue Heron + c c c c
Tricolored Heron + c c c c
Reddish Egret + u u u u
Cattle Egret + c c c c
Green-backed Heron + c c c c
Black-crowned Night Heron + c c c c
Yellow-crowned Night Heron + u u u u
White Ibis + c c c c
Scarlet Ibis (probably escapes) r r r r
Glossy Ibis + u u u u
White-faced Ibis + *
Roseate Spoonbill + c u c c
Wood Stork + u r u u
Greater Flamingo (probably escapes) r r r r
Fulvous Whistling-Duck u u u u
Snow goose *
Snow goose (Blue Phase) *
Brant r
Canada Goose *
Wood Duck r
Green-winged Teal u r u
American Black Duck *
Mottled Duck + c c c c
Mallard r
White-checked Pintail * *
Northern Pintail c r c
Blue-winged Teal c r c c
Cinnamon Teal *
Northern Shoveler c r c c
Gadwall r r
Eurasian Wigeon *
American Wigeon c c c
Canvasback r r
Redhead r r
Ring-necked Duck c c c
Greater Scaup *
Lesser Scaup c c c
Oldsquaw *
Black Scoter *
Surf Scoter *
Common Goldeneye *
Bufflehead r
Hooded Merganser u r u
Red-breasted Merganser c r c c
Ruddy Duck u u c
Masked Duck *
Black Vulture + c c c c
Turkey Vulture + c c c c
Osprey + c c c c
American Swallow-tailed Kite + c c r
Black-shouldered Kite * *
Snail Kite + r r r r
Mississippi Kite * *
Bald Eagle + c c c c
Northern Harrier u u c
Sharp-skinned Hawk u u u
Cooper's Hawk r r r
Red-shouldered Hawk + c c c c
Broad-winged Hawk u u u
Short-tailed Hawk + u r u u
Swainson's Hawk r r u
Red-tailed Hawk + u u u u
Rough-legged Hawk *
Golden Eagle *
Crested Caracara *
American Kestrel c c c
Merlin u u u
Peregrine Falcon u u u
Wild Turkey + r r r r
Northern Bobwhite + c c c c
Yellow Rail *
Black Rail r
Clapper Rail + c c c c
King Rail + c c c c
Virginia Rail r r r
Sora Rail c c c
Purple Gallinule + c c c c
Common Moorhen + c c c c
American Coot + c r c c
Caribbean Coot * * *
Limpkin + c c c c
Sandhill Crane + r r r r
Black-bellied Plover c r c c
Lesser Golden Plover r r r
Snowy Plover * *
Wilson's Plover + c c c u
Semipalmated Plover c u c c
Piping Plover u u u
Killdeer + c u c c
American Oystercatcher r
Black-necked Stilt + u r u r
American Avocet c u c c
Greater Yellowlegs c u c c
Lesser Yellowlegs c u c c
Solitary Sandpiper u u r
Willet ? c u c c
Spotted Sandpiper c c c
Upland Sandpiper * *
Whimbrel u r u u
Long-billed Curlew r r r
Hudsonian Godwit * *
Marbled Godwit c r c c
Ruddy Turnstone c u c c
Red Knot u r u u
Sanderling u u u
Semipalmated Sandpiper u u r
Western Sandpiper c r c c
Least Sandpiper c u c c
White-rumped Sandpiper r r
Baird's Sandpiper r
Pectoral Sandpiper c c r
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper *
Dunlin c c c
Curlew Sandpiper *
Stilt Sandpiper u u r
Buff-breasted Sandpiper *
Ruff *
Short-billed Dowitcher c u c c
Long-billed Dowitcher u u u r
Common Snipe u u u
American Woodcock r r
Wilson's Phalarope *
Red-necked Phalarope *
Parasitic Jaeger *
Laughing Gull + c c c c
Franklin's Gull *
Bonaparte's Gull u u
Ring-billed Gull c u c c
Herring gull c u c c
Lesser Black-backed Gull *
Great Black-backed Gull *
Gull-billed Tern u u u u
Caspian Tern c r c c
Royal Tern c u c c
Sandwich Tern u u u u
Roseate Tern r
Common Tern u u u
Forster's Tern c u c c
Least Tern + c c u
Bridled Tern *
Sooty Tern * *
Black Tern u u u r
Brown Noddy * *
Black Skimmer c c c c
Rock Dove * * * *
White-crowned Pigeon + c c c u
White-winged Dove * * * *
Zenaida Dove *
Mourning Dove + c c c c
Common Ground-Dove + u u u u
Key West Quail-Dove * *
Budgerigar (escapes) * *
Rose-ringed Parakeet (escapes) *
Monk Parakeet (escapes) *
Canary-winged Parakeet (escapes) *
Yellow-billed Cuckoo + c c c r
Mangrove Cuckoo + u u u u
Smooth-billed Ani + u u u u
Groove-billed Ani * * *
Common Barn-Owl + u u u u
Eastern Screech-Owl + c c c c
Great Horned-Owl + r r r r
Burrowing Owl r
Barred Owl + c c c c
Long-eared Owl *
Short-eared Owl r r r
Lesser Nighthawk * *
Common Nighthawk + c c c r
Chuck-will's-widow + c c c r
Whip-poor-will u u c
Chimney Swift r
Ruby-throated Hummingbird c r c c
Belted Kingfisher c r c c
Red-headed Woodpecker *
Red-bellied Woodpecker + c c c c
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker u u c
Downy Woodpecker + u u u u
Hairy Woodpecker + r r r r
Red-cockaded Woodpecker extirpated
Northern Flicker + c c c c
Pileated Woodpecker + c c c c
Ivory-billed Woodpecker extirpated
Olive-sided Flycatcher *
Eastern Wood-Pewee u u r
Acadian Flycatcher r
Willow Flycatcher r
Least Flycatcher u u u r
Eastern Phoebe c c c
Say's Phoebe *
Vermillion Flycatcher * *
Great Crested Flycatcher + c c c c
Brown-crested Flycatcher r r
Tropical Kingbird * *
Western Kingbird u u u
Eastern Kingbird + c c c r
Gray Kingbird + c c c
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher r r r
Purple Martin c c c
Tree Swallow c c c
Northern Rough-winged Swallow u u r
Bank Swallow u u
Cliff Swallow r u
Barn Swallow + u r c r
Blue Jay + c c c c
American Crow + c c c c
Fish Crow *
Tufted Titmouse r r
White-breasted Nuthatch *
Brown-headed Nuthatch extirpated
Brown Creeper *
Carolina Wren + c c c c
House Wren c c c
Winter Wren *
Sedge Wren u u u
Marsh Wren u u u
Ruby-crowned Kinglet u u u
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher c c c
Eastern Bluebird extirpated
Veery u u
Gray-cheeked Thrush u u
Swainson's Thrush u u *
Hermit Thrush u u r
Wood Thrush r r *
American Robin r-c
Gray Catbird c c c
Northern Mockingbird + c c c c
Brown Thrasher u u u
Water Pipit r r
Cedar Waxwing r-c r-c r-c
Loggerhead Shrike + u u u u
European Starling + u u u u
Hill Myna (probably escapes) *
Thick-billed Vireo *
White-eyed Vireo + c c c c
Bell's Vireo * *
Solitary Vireo u u u
Yellow-throated Vireo u u u
Warbling Vireo * *
Philadelphia Vireo r r
Red-eyed Vireo c c *
Black-whiskered Vireo + c c c
Blue-winged Warbler r r *
Golden-winged Warbler r r
Tennessee Warbler u u r
Orange-crowned Warbler u u u
Nashville Warbler * r *
Northern Parula c r c c
Yellow Warbler + c c c u
Chestnut-sided Warbler r r
Magnolia Warbler u u r
Cape May Warbler u-c u-c r
Black-throated Blue Warbler c c u-r
Yellow-rumped Warbler r-c r-c c
Black-throated Gray Warbler *
Black-throated Green Warbler u u u
Blackburnian Warbler u u *
Yellow-throated Warbler c u c c
Pine Warbler + c c c c
Kirtland's Warbler *
Prairie Warbler + c c c c
Palm Warbler c c c
Bay-breasted Warbler * *
Blackpoll Warbler c r
Cerulean Warbler r
Black-and-white Warbler c c c
American Redstart c u c u
Prothonotary Warbler u u *
Worm-eating Warbler u u r
Swainson's Warbler r r
Ovenbird c c c
Northern Waterthrush c c c
Louisiana Waterthrush c u c r
Kentucky Warbler r r *
Connecticut Warbler r
Mourning Warbler *
Common Yellowthroat + c c c c
Hooded Warbler u u *
Wilson's Warbler r r *
Yellow-breasted Chat u u u
Bananaquit *
Stripe-headed Tanager *
Summer Tanager r r *
Scarlet Tanager * * *
Western Tanager * * *
Northern Cardinal + c c c c
Rose-breasted Grosbeak u u r
Blue Grosbeak u u *
Indigo Bunting c c r
Painted Bunting c c u-r
Dickcissel * * *
Rufous-sided Towhee + c c c c
Black-faced Grassquit * *
Bachman's Sparrow * * *
Chipping Sparrow r r r
Clay-colored Sparrow r r r
Field Sparrow u u u
Vesper Sparrow * * *
Lark Sparrow * *
Lark Bunting * *
Savannah Sparrow c c c
Grasshopper Sparrow u u u
Le Conte's Sparrow *
Sharp-tailed Sparrow r r u
Seaside Sparrow r
Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow + c c c c
Song Sparrow *
Lincoln's Sparrow r-u
Swamp Sparrow c c c
White-throated Sparrow * *
White-crowned Sparrow r *
Dark-eyed Junco * *
Bobolink c c *
Red-winged Blackbird + c c c c
Eastern Meadowlark + c c c c
Yellow-headed Blackbird r r r
Rusty Blackbird *
Brewer's Blackbird r
Boat-tailed Grackle + c c c c
Common Grackle + c c c c
Bronzed Cowbird *
Brown-headed Cowbird u u r
Orchard Oriole u u
Spot-breasted Oriole *
Northern Oriole (Baltimore race) c c r
Northern Oriole (Bullock's race) r r r
Pine Siskin *
American Goldfinch c c c
House Sparrow + u u u u


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