Everglades National Park


Bicycling is permitted along the main park roads, on the Shark Valley tram road, on the Old Ingraham Highway, on Long Pine Key Nature Trail, and on the Snake Bight and Rowdy Bend trails at Flamingo. For details, see individual trail descriptions on the hiking page.

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Shark Valley Tram Road

Bicycling at Shark Valley is a great way to experience the quiet beauty of the Everglades. As the sawgrass prairie slowly unfolds before your eyes, stop and take a moment to enjoy the life that abounds.

Along the road are four artificial lakes known as borrow pits. These pits are areas where limestone has been extracted, crushed into gravel, then used to raise the level of the tram road. In the winter months, when the sawgrass prairie is dry, the borrow pits serve as water holes that attract a variety of wildlife. Look for alligators, wading birds, and anhingas around these artificial "gator holes."

Bike Path The bike path is 15 miles (24 km) round-trip. There are no shortcuts. If you become tired or are unable to complete the entire 15-mile trip, turn around and return on the same road.

Biking the road takes an average of two to three hours, but varies with physical stamina and personal interests. The parking lot closes at 6 p.m., so be sure to allow enough time.

You can rent bicycles at the tram office. For more information, call the Shark Valley Tram Office at 305-221-8455.

While Biking

Maintain a safe distance (10 to 15 feet) if you see alligators on the road. Safety Tip: Never approach alligators. Do not try to pet alligator. Alligator is more interested in your hand than your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Travel opposite the flow of tram traffic. Bikes should begin the road traveling south along the straight West Road, starting behind the Visitor Center. Encounters with trams will be less frequent traveling in this direction.

Roller skates, roller blades, skateboards and other similar devices, and private motorized vehicles, are not allowed on the Shark Valley tram road.

Groups Park regulations require that any group of more than 20 bicyclists obtain a Special Use Permit prior to their planned ride. Groups who wish to bike after park hours are also required to have a permit and are limited to no more than 25 persons.

Applications for Special Use Permits can be obtained by calling the Everglades park office.


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