Coast-to-Coast England

Coast-to-Coast Bar in St. Bees
Coast-to-Coast Bar in St. Bees

Some things, like hiker fellowship, are the same worldwide. If you're the congenial sort, it's best to start on a weekend: Lots of Brits do the hike on a two-week vacation, so Saturday is the most common start date. If you're more of a loner, choose a midweek start. Whichever sort of walker you are, be sure to stop at the Coast-to-Coast Pub in Robin Hood's Bay to sign the register of folks who have completed the trek. If you want a plaque to commemorate your achievement, you can buy one in the shop across the street.

Don't forget to dip a boot into the sea when you start and again when you finish. It's as traditional as the celebratory pint of ale!

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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