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Prairie Autumn
Far from uneventful, grasslands are really hopping in the fall. John Grassy provides an overview, and a guide to some choice prairie refuges.

Booming Wetlands
Wetlands can be overflowing today, dry as dust next month. From swamp to prairie pothole, some of the best places to experience the wet and the wild.

The World of the Coast
John Grassy, GORP's new Wildlife Expert, splashes in with a a look at the natural environment of coastlines, plus some top seashore destinations.

Texas Gulf Coast
John Grassy surveys wildlife along one of the country's wildest and lushest coasts.

Burning Times
Have our national forests been mismanaged? The hidden story of forest fires.


A Wildlife Viewing Primer
Expert tips from John Grassy on putting yourself in place for an encounter with wildlife.

Binocular Basics
John Grassy leads you through your first choice: standard or compact?

Binocular Specs
Next step: understanding optics ratios.

Spotting Scopes
Making your own private, real-time nature show.

Rescuing Fallen Birds
Is it always right to intervene? If—and how—to come to the aid of birds in distress.

Camping in Bear Country
You can get a good night's sleep: Just follow these rules.

Wildlife at Night
If you think the city hops after nightful, check out your local trail. John Grassy, GORP's Wildlife Expert, offers tips on observing the natural world after sunset.


Warblers Are Back!
Fresh back from the south and in full glorious breeding plumage, these tiny and elusive "butterflies of the bird world" can be a challenge to see—much less identify. John Grassy points the way.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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