Deschutes National Forest

Skiing Ft. Rock Ranger District

Forest roads become excellent ski trails offering a wider track and moderate grades for the skier to traverse easily. Higher elevation roads present the best opportunities for skiing due to more adequate snow cover. No winter road use zoning exists on the Ft. Rock District, so the roads may be used by nordic skiers, snowshoers, and snowmobilers.

Cross-country skiing is becoming more popular in the Newberry Caldera area of Newberry National Volcanic Monument. You can ski to many beautiful places by following roads and hiking trails.

Trail #9 and/or Trail A allows skiers to travel from 10 Mile Sno-Park to Paulina Lake. Both Trail A and Trail #9 are approximately 3.5 miles one way to Paulina Lake Resort. These trails minimize the hazard of mixing skiers and snowmobiles on the main road (21) into the Crater (which is a designated snowmobile trail). Once you reach Paulina Lake you can take the three-mile Paulina Campground Loop Trail. This trail will bring you along the edge of Paulina Lake, providing an opportunity to view the frozen winter wonderland!

Please remember: Most of the district is available for use by all snow travelers. All winter recreationists are invited to use the area. Different forms of snow travel need not conflict with one another if everyone observes basic courtesy.

As with any winter activity, safety must be considered on a cross-country or showshoeing trip, even short day trips. Familiarize yourself with basic safety essentials and weather information before heading out. Let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back.

Facilities: There are two Sno-Parks on Road 21 between Highway 97 and Paulina Lake: 6 Mile and 10 Mile (the larger of the two). Both lots are paved, while 10 Mile Sno-Park has a toilet and warming shelter. Please park your vehicles in the center of the lots only. Sno-Park permits are required for these lots.

Paulina Lake Resort (541-536-2240) is open during the winter season and provides food and supplies.

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