Deschutes National Forest


Water in this relatively dry Forest (8 to 25 inches of annual precipitation) attracts a variety of wildlife. Bald eagles and osprey dive from the air to pluck fish from the river. Both are seen often in the summer. Great blue herons stalk the riverbanks hunting frogs. crayfish or small fish.

Waterfowl commonly seen near the river's slack water include the common merganser diving for fish or crayfish; the mallard surfacing from feeding on underwater plants; the belted kingfisher. recognized by its rattling call. diving headlong from the air into the river to forage on small fish.

Beaver, river otter, mule deer, an occasional Roosevelt elk, black bear, garter snakes, and numerous lizards. Frogs and toads also inhabit forested areas along the river. The elk often move downstream to sites near Bend in hard years.

Game fish in this segment of the river include rainbow trout, brown trout, and mountain whitefish. Common insects associated with aquatic environment include mayflies, stoneflies, and the caddis fly—all important food sources for fish. Water striders. whirligig beetles, midges, and mosquitoes are abundant along the river all summer. Areas near water are important to all wildlife.


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