Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

The Appalachian Trail

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area has more than 60 hiking trails traversing about 70,000 acres. Here are some of the more popular and accessible trails.

Appalachian Trail
The National Park Service has acquired land ownership of approximately 25 miles of the Appalachian Trail from a point 1.3 miles south of Brink Road Shelter at Stokes State Forest boundary to a point 6.0 miles south of Blairstown Road at Worthington State Forest boundary. After continuing south to the Delaware River and crossing into Pennsylvania, the trail again enters Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and continues for 5.0 miles before reaching the southern boundary of National Park Service lands. National Recreation Area boundaries are marked with white metal markers with green lettering. The Appalachian Trail is marked with white blazes.

Mt. Minsi Area - Pennsylvania
Appalachian Trail to Mt. Minsi - 2 miles. Off Route 611 on Mountain Road in the town of Delaware Water Gap, PA. Parking is in the Lake Lenape lot. This white-blazed trail will lead to excellent vistas of the Delaware Water Gap.

Mt. Minsi Fire Road - 1.5 miles. Road can be hiked in conjunction with the Appalachian Trail for a loop hike up to Mt. Minsi.

Table Rock Spur - 0.5 mile. Trail branches off the Appalachian Trail a short distance beyond Lake Lenape. Next right along gravel road leads to a bare rock terrace with a spectacular view of the Delaware Water Gap.

Blue-Blazed Trail - 0.25 mile. Trail can be accessed across Route 611 from Resort Point Overlook parking lot. Follow old staircase to the top; veer left to a viewpoint and the Appalachian Trail south, or turn right to Lake Lenape and the Appalachian Trail north.

Toms Creek Picnic Area - Pennsylvania
This easy walk along Toms Creek offers birders and hikers a quiet stroll through a mixed hardwood forest with lush vegetation. Located along Route 209, approximately 3.5 miles north of Bushkill, PA.

Dingmans Falls - Pennsylvania
Located .8 mile west off Route 209, this 0.5-mile loop trail passes two waterfalls, Silver Thread and Dingmans, as it meanders through a hemlock ravine. Easy, level terrain to falls with stairs to an overlook at the top of Dingmans Falls.

George W. Childs Recreation Site - Pennsylvania
Waterfall Loop - 1.8 mile. Follow Route 739 to Silver Lake Road. Signs will direct you to George W. Childs Recreation Site. Hemlocks and sheer rock walls frame a 1.8-mile loop trail that circles three waterfalls along Dingmans Creek. Hilly terrain with wooden stairs and boardwalks.

Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) Area - Pennsylvania
Maps for these trails are available at PEEC's visitor center.

Sunrise Trail - 5 miles. Yellow blazed. Trailhead at north end of parking lot. Hilly terrain. One section requires descent off a ledge; guide ropes are installed to assist descent. Allow 3 hours.

Tumbling Waters Trail - 3 miles. Orange blazed. Hemlock-surrounded waterfall. Allow 2 hours.

Scenic Gorge Trail - 2 miles. Red blazed. Moderately hilly terrain. Trail follows a narrow stream through a hemlock ravine. Waterproof shoes recommended. Allow 2 hours.

Fossil Trail - 1.5 miles. Blue blazed. Trail leads down a steep escarpment to bedrock outcrop rich in small marine organism fossils. Allow 1 hour.

Sensory Trail - 0.25 mile. Sensory experience. Hiker is blindfolded before starting. A rope guides user around loop. Pick up blindfolds at main office. Allow 20 minutes.

Kittatinny Point Area - New Jersey
Appalachian Trail - 3.7 miles. White-blazed trail begins in NJ at Dunnfield parking area. Gradually climbs the Kittatinny Ridge 3.7 miles to Sunfish Pond.

Red Dot Trail - 1.5 miles. Begins at NJ I-80 rest stop area. Climbs a rocky, steep grade to join Blue-blazed trail at top of Mt. Tammany. Good views.

Blue-Blazed Trail - 2.5 miles. Branches off the Appalachian Trail. Climbs to summit of Mt. Tammany where it joins the Red Dot Trail.

Dunnfield Hollow Trail - 2.5 miles to Appalachian Trail. Former logging road departs Blue-blazed trail and follows Dunnfield Creek. A secondary trail leaves the creek and climbs the Kittatinny Ridge to the Appalachian Trail.

Beulahland Trail - 1.5 miles to Appalachian Trail. Steep trail intersects Appalachian Trail; begins at Farview parking area.

Karamac Road Trail - 1.5 miles. Flat trail follows old railroad bed along Delaware River. Begins at gate near traffic signal on Old Mine Road, and meets Old Mine Road again 1 mile north at Farview parking area.

Douglas Trail - 2.5 miles. Steep route to the Appalachian Trail/Sunfish Pond. The two trailheads begin either opposite the entrance to Worthington State Forest Office, or 1 mile north opposite a parking area. The two trails unite and join the Appalachian Trail approximately 0.75 mile south of Sunfish Pond.

Millbrook Area - New Jersey
Appalachian Trail - White-blazed trail follows Kittatinny Ridge through recreation area. Route 602 offers a good entry point. Parking available along the road, 1.2 miles south of Millbrook Village. Hike one-half mile south to fire tower for good views.

Hamilton Ridge Road Trail - 2 miles. Flat trail suitable in the north section for wheelchairs and leisurely hikes. Trailhead is the beginning of the road 0.5 mile north of Millbrook on Old Mine Road.

Millbrook-Watergate Trail - 0.5 mile. Follows an old road through Millbrook Village to Watergate picnic area. Good trail for spring wildflowers. Level terrain; suitable for wheelchairs.

Orange-Blazed Trail - 3.5 miles. Joins the Appalachian Trail near Route 602 and Catfish Pond area to form a loop. Hiking is over fairly level terrain.

Coppermine Trail - 1.5 miles. Leads past historic copper mines up the Kittatinny Ridge to join the Appalachian Trail. Parking area located approximately 0.5 mile past the Coppermine Inn, or 0.25 mile south of Poxono boat launch.

Kaiser Road Trail - 1.5 miles to Appalachian Trail. Fire road suitable for hiking. Trail is best started from the Coppermine parking area.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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