Deerfield River Rafting
Rafting: Deerfield River, Massachusetts
Whitewater rafters await their turn at the put-in to the Deerfield River's popular Zoar Gap in Vermont. (courtesy, Zoar Outdoor)
Price: $
River Rapid Class: Zoar Gap: II-III; Dryway: III-IV
Trip in Miles: Zoar Gap: 10 miles; Dryway: 4.5 miles
Trip Duration: 1 day
Season: April-October
Raft Types: Paddle Raft
River Sections: cumberland Falls
Nearby Towns: Charlemont (MA)
Gateway City: Charlemont (MA)
Driving Times: Boston (MA): 2 hours; New York City (NY): 3.5 hours

Perhaps the last wild river in southern New England, this river flows through the New England of your fondest imagination. Rapids get as intense as Class IV. The river passes through some real wildlands as well as some classic New England small towns, including Shelburne Falls, site of the famous Bridge of Flowers. We recommend the stretch between the Bardwell Ferry Road Bridge and the US Highway 5-MA 10 bridge. This 10.25-mile stretch is a calming stretch of riffles and smooth water, with no portages. If you want something more rollicking, the upper Deerfield has some rough-and-tumble rapids. Zoar Gap is a well-known rock em', sock 'em run.

Published: 18 May 2011 | Last Updated: 8 Jun 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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