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Trekking in Maine
Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine
The Appalachian Trail comes to an end (or begins, depending on how you hike it) at Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine. (Photodisc/Getty)

6. Trekking the Appalachian Trail in Maine
The Appalachian Trail is the most famous hiking trail in the United States, so why pick Maine among the 14 states it traverses? Because it beckons with spectacular views, calms with deep woodlands, and challenges with some rugged climbs. Hardly a stroll in the woods, but it's worth it. The central section, from near the town of Monson to the Bigelow Preserve, includes the least strenuous miles. And a free canoe service ferries hikers across the wild Kennebec River.

You do not have to backpack, thanks to "sporting camps" where you can spend your nights in rustic but comfortable settings. One of these can be your departure point for exploring the AT north and south. They have various bedding configurations and a central dining and living area.

Shaw's in Monson is a friendly hostel where a simple private double room, breakfast, and dinner costs about $150 for two. Shaw's sells supplies and can shuttle you to trail points. Reservations are imperative.'s Maine Travel Guide has more travel ideas for this amazing state.

Published: 7 Apr 2009 | Last Updated: 15 Apr 2011
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