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Kayaking in Daniel Boone National Forest
Kayaking in Daniel Boone National Forest (Kentucky Tourism)

Kentucky has an excellent system of 49 state parks, plus one shared with Virginia. Many of the state parks, such as Cumberland Falls and Natural Bridge, are interesting destinations in their own right. All are handy pit stops for family travelers, offering developed camping facilities and hotel-style lodging, plus a fun array of activities, from fishing and hiking to concerts, swimming pools, and miniature golf. Here's a selection of parks located in or near Daniel Boone National Forest.

Natural Bridge State Resort Park - At a million visitors per year, this is probably the most popular feature in the forest. The natural bridge is an immense sandstone arch. You can walk to it, or take a chair lift.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park - A 125-foot-wide, 60-foot-high waterfall is the centerpiece of this park. On a clear, full moon night, the mist from the falls makes a "moon-bow," purportedly the only one in the western hemisphere.

Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park - Fishing is the all-star activity at this watery park—but don't overlook tramping in the surrounding mountains.

Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park - This park preserves segments of the original Wilderness Road and Boone Trace, the routes over which more than 200,000 settlers traveled between 1774 and 1796.

Carter Caves - More than 20 caverns are scattered throughout this park.

General Burnside Island State Park - An island park in the middle of huge Lake Cumberland. Water sports are the feature here.


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