Caribbean National Forest

Mt. Britton Trail #16

The Mt. Britton Trail is not only pretty but it provides the visitor with the opportunity to experience the Cloud Forest as well as visit the Mt. Britton Observation Tower. This trail begins to ascend on a narrow concrete tread through the Palm Forest. It passes over two streams and is a continuous uphill ascent. The trail intersects with Forest Road 10 (closed to public use).

At this point it is easy for the visitor to think he has reached his destination; however, follow the road uphill. After about 500 feet the trail leads to the right up a short, steep hill through the Cloud Forest to the Mt. Britton Tower. This stone tower has circular stairs to the observation deck where views of the forest, the south side of the island, and both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean are spectacular on a clear day.

Returning to the road junction, you will find the Mt. Britton Spur Trail (#19). This trail provides some of the best cloud forest experiences available to the visitor in El Yunque. It also connects to the El Yunque Trail from a possible loop trip ending at the Palo Colorado recreation area. An uphill walk along PR 191 and PR 9938 will be necessary to return to your car. Otherwise, a return trip down the Mt. Britton Trail is required.

Length: 1 mile. Trailhead begins at 750 meters above sea level (2,460 feet) at Road 930 and ends at 900 meters above sea level (3,036 feet) at the Mt. Britton Tower.
Directions: Trailhead is located at Road 930, approximately 1/4 mile from the intersection of PR 191, Km. 13.0.
Trail Information: Mostly paved
Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
Use: Heavily Used
Hiking Time: 45 minutes one-way
Preparations: Rainshowers occur frequently; therefore trails are often wet and slippery. Hiking boots with a sturdy sole are recommended as well as light raingear. Bring plenty of water.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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