Caribbean National Forest

Caimitillo Trail #18

You will begin your trail on a narrow asphalt and at times gravel tread. There are about 33 steps that must be climbed at the beginning of the trail. It will take you pass the Caimitillo Picnic Area as it forms a short loop at the junction of El Yunque Trail. As you quietly hike, listen to the sounds of the forest: the running streams, the whistling of the birds and the call of the Coquis. Enjoy the lushness of the Palm Forest and the mixed vegetation such as the bromeliads and impatience flowers, locally known as Miramelindas.

This is a short easy loop trail. However, should you continue to hike to the end of this trail you may choose to loop back to your starting position or continue on to the Bano Grande pool, which is a beautiful site, although it is currently closed to public use. Once here you can climb down steps that lead you to roadside of PR 191, Km. 12.1, about 200 feet south of the Palo Colorado Visitor Information Center.

Length: 0.5 mile -- The trail begins at 620 meters above sea level (2,034 feet) across Sierra Palm Visitor Information Center and ends at 680 meters above sea level (2,231 feet) at El Yunque Trail.
Directions: The trailhead is located at PR 191, Km. 11.7 across the street from Sierra Palm Interpretive Center. Parking areas are located in the Visitor Center and on the west side of the street approximately 100 feet south of the trailhead.
Trail Information: The trail surface is either gravel or asphalt.
Difficulty Level: Easy
Use: Heavily Used
Hiking Time: 25 minutes one-way
Preparations: Rainshowers occur frequently, therefore trails are often wet and slippery. Hiking boots with sturdy soles are recommended as well as lightweight raingear. Bring plenty of water.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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