Capitol Reef National Park

Cohab Canyon

Cohab Canyon is a classic example of a "hanging" or "hidden" canyon because it is hard to see from the valley below. Tradition records that Mormon polygamists found refuge in these cliffs during the Federal government's active enforcement of the anti-polygamy statutes in the 1880s.

After a strenuous climb up Chinle slopes for the first quarter-mile, the hiking is moderate within the Wingate walled canyon. Explore the narrow, hidden side canyons. At about one mile into your hike, you will be given the choice to continue down Cohab Canyon, take a right to begin the Frying Pan Trail, or take short spur trails to overlooks of the Fremont River Valley. Hiking to these overlooks will add approximately one-half mile to your trip. You can either continue down the canyon to where it meets with Utah Hwy 24 or return to the trailhead.

On your left, just before you reach the campground 1 mile south of the Visitor Center or approximately 1 mile east of the Visitor Center across the road from the Hickman Bridge Trailhead.

1 3/4 miles, one-way. Returning to the trailhead, 3.5 miles.

If you are hiking in the summer, take water with you and wear a hat. While this is an enjoyable trail at any time of day, you may find it more comfortable to hike during the cooler early morning or evening hours. You can also shuttle a vehicle or mountain bike at either end of the trail, saving you the return trip miles.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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