Mountain Biking in Nova Scotia

Trous de Saumons

Trail Description

Finding the trail: Enter the park on the Cabot Trail, heading north from Cheticamp. After crossing the Cheticamp River, and just before the entrance kiosk for the park, turn right into the parking area for the Park Information Centre. The trailhead for Trous de Saumons is located past the parking area.

Notes on the trail: From the parking area behind the Cheticamp Information Centre, follow a road through the campground and toward the group camping area. Ride past a"Department Vehicles Only Beyond This Point" sign, and be sure to continue past a road that heads uphill on the left. Although there is a sign marking the Trous de Saumons trail, it is small and not very obvious. There is a metal gate at the trailhead, beyond which the trail continues as a wide, hard-packed path.

You will climb a small hill before quickly descending on the trail, which begins through a pretty hardwood forest. The trail is clear and easy to follow, and meanders through the woods like a pathway through a vast park. You will cross two small bridges before coming close to the river, which will be on your right. Take some time to stop at this point and look out across the first of a series of salmon pools. There is an observation area here, where the patient and keen-sighted may catch a glimpse of the elusive Atlantic salmon.

Beyond this first salmon pool, the trail climbs to the crest of a hill. A warden's cabin is situated by the side of the trail here. It is beyond this point that the trail conditions become more difficult. As the valley narrows, so does the trail. If you do continue farther up the trail, you will pass Chance's Pool just beyond the warden's cabin. A few kilometers (a mile or so) farther up the trail, you will ride into a clearing. A large boulder toward the end of this clearing prevents bikers from continuing any farther. Turn around here to return to the trailhead and parking area.

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