Canyonlands National Park

"All the scenic features of this canyon land are on a giant scale,
strange and weird."

John Wesley Powell, Colorado River and Canyonlands explorer

"Wherever we look, there is a wilderness of rocks, deep gorges where the rivers are lostbelow cliffs and towers and pinnacles, and 10,000 strangely carved forms in every direction, andbeyond them, mountains blending with the clouds.
John Wesley Powell.

Ponder this:
The spectacularly scenic 337,570-acre park is divided into 3 separate districts -- Island in the Sky; Needles and The Maze -- by the Green and Colorado Rivers.

Although Canyonlands is the largest of Utah's state parks (10 times larger than Bryce; 5 times larger than Arches, 3 times as large as Zion), it receives far fewer visitors than most of the other national parks.

The elevation at Canyonlands ranges from 4,000 feet along at Lake Powell's head to nearly 7,000 feet atop Cedar Mesa in the Needles District. Like the Grand Canyon, Canyonlands protects a great inner gorge carved by the Colorado River.

Canyonlands has 30 miles of paved roads, over 100 miles of established trails, and apx 200 miles of 4-wheel drive roads.

Fun fact: The finale of Thelma and Louise was filmed just outside Island in the Sky

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 3 Oct 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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