Top Ten Most-Isolated National Parks

Katmai National Park, Alaska
Katmai National Park
It's a bear to get here: Scenery and wildife make the trip worth it

These days, July's the only time people venture to Katmai in any kind of mass. But this park, on Kamishak Bay in southwestern Alaska, was a hotbed of activity in prehistoric days, and the frozen tundra has allowed for North America's highest concentration of prehistoric human dwellings (with about 900). Getting around is a struggle: Not only do you have to fly in, but you have to fly virtually everywhere. Brooks Camp, the only fee-based camping area, is about 30 air miles from park headquarters in King Salmon. Once settled, though, you'll be surrounded by Katmai's stunning beauty, 14 volcanoes, and rivers, where bears congregate for the popular fish feast during salmon spawning season. Want to get in on the fishing action? Do it—it's world-class.



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