Weekend Wheeling in Billings, Montana

Riverfront Park
By Amber Travsky
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If you're looking for a pleasant outing to introduce the kids to the world of mountain biking, this is an excellent route. The ride is fairly flat with both single- and double-track trails to choose from. Some areas are paved while most are dirt and off limits to motorized vehicles. A five-mile loop parallels the Yellowstone River. Numerous trails create a maze through the park for bikers in search of longer or shorter rides. All routes loop back, so even those who are direction-challenged can find their way home.

Getting There
To get to the trailhead, follow South Billings Boulevard over Interstate 90. The street is bike-friendly and the park can be easily accessed by bicycle. The entrance to the park is on the left. If you come to a bridge, you have gone too far. Enter the park and follow the road on the right to a "T" intersection. Continue right at the intersection and pedal through the cottonwoods along the river.

The Ride
Hikers also share the trails, so care should be exercised coming around blind curves. Non-motorized boating is popular on the lake near the center of the park. A walking bridge allows pedestrians access to an island on the lake. Cyclists, however, are not allowed to pedal on the island, but stowing the bike and taking a hike on it offers a nice side trip. Picnic tables and grassy areas are maintained next to the lake.

While the Yellowstone River Parks Association maintains the park, the city and county take care of bike paths connecting this park with other community parks.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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