Hiking Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Mount McAbee-Berry Creek Falls Loop
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This hike runs right into the heart of Big Basin, starting among the largest of the redwoods, climaxing at a series of waterfalls, and returning through old-growth redwood valley.

From headquarters, connect to Howard King trail through Skyline-to-the-Sea. Climb two miles to Mt. McAbee. At 1,730 feet and just the right angle relative to other peaks and ridges, on a clear day see the white foam of ocean waves breaking on the southwest horizon.

Resume on Howard King to Skyline-to-the-Sea. Head north to Berry Creek Falls. At 70 feet, it's the highest falls in the park, but its colors-coal-black rock set in a frame of bright-green ferns-make it particularly striking. In another mile, maneuvering fallen redwoods that span this narrow, lush valley, find a series of three falls. Hold the cable while climbing them. A couple quick switchbacks later, follow Sunset trail through quiet redwood valley 5.5 miles to headquarters.

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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