The Best Rafting Rivers for Spring
Rafting the New River, West Virginia
CLOUD BURST: Spots like West Virginia's New River make for a perfect spring escape, with big rapids, slimmer crowds, and scenic views.  (courtesy, NPS)

What's not to love about spring? The sun is gently warming the soil, the wildflowers are bursting into life, and those snow-capped mountains are beginning to shed the mother of all whitewater-rafting payloads. Sure, things can feel a little chilly at the start of the season (wetsuit, anyone?), but this is when the big action happens on rivers like the American, New, and Nantahala. Desert courses like the Grand Canyon of the Colorado or Colorado River in Utah are also waking for the season, with the added bonus that you'll be on the river ahead of the peak summer crowds—and scorching temps.

American River, California
Colorado River (Westwater Canyon), Utah
Dead River, Maine
Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, Arizona
Green River Gorge, Washington
Main Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho
Merced River, California
Moose River, New York
Nantahala River, North Carolina
New River, West Virginia
Rogue River, Oregon
Skagit River, Washington
Stanislaus River, California
Tuolumne River, California
Verde River, Arizona

Published: 10 Jun 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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