Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest


The main camping season on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest runs from May 30 through the Labor day weekend. Although most campgrounds remain open for public use after the regular season, water systems are shut down to prevent frost damage. Snowpack may inhibit vehicle accessibility to open campgrounds during the winter season. Contact the Wisdom Ranger District office for snow and road conditions.

Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All campgrounds limit campers to a 14-day stay in one campground. When this 2-week limit is reached, the camper is required to move a minimum of 5 miles to another campsite. Small trailers may be used where permitted. Water, electrical, and sewage connections are not provided, and waste water is not permitted to drain onto the ground. Fires may be built at campgrounds without a permit where fire grates are established. Firewood is not provided. Deadfall should be utilized for fires; cutting of standing timber, shrubs, and other vegetation is prohibited. Surface water may be contaminated and should always be properly treated before consumption. (Boiling is the only sure method of water purification. Surface water should be boiled at least 10 minutes in a covered container before using.) Pets are welcome and should be kept on a leash. Within our picnic areas, you will find tables, benches, water, fire grates, parking, and restrooms. The following campgrounds all lie within the Wisdom Ranger District.

Managed Season: 6/25 to 9/1
Elevation: 6,300 feet
Site: A relatively flat ground supporting a dense stand of pole-sized lodgepole pine.
Facilities: 21 family units/campsites with tables, fire rings and stand-up grills, toilets (handicap accessible), drinking water, garbage disposal is "pack-in/pack-out," bulletin board, no trailer disposal station available, firewood is not provided. The campground is served by volunteer hosts.
Attractions: Stream fishing, hunting access, cross-country skiing access, hiking, general nature appreciation, near Big Hole Battlefield Monument
Managed Season: 7/1 to 9/1
Elevation: 7,000 feet
Site: A lodgepole pine covered area with relatively flat ground. Miner Lake is 54 acres.
Facilities: Eighteen family units with tables, fire rings, toilet facilities, drinking water, garbage disposal is "pack-in/pack-out," bulletin board, campground served by volunteer hosts, firewood is not provided, no trailer disposal station available
Attractions: Camping, boating/ramp (closed to gasoline motors), fishing/hunting access, hiking, snowmobiling, mountain climbing, general nature appreciation, trailhead to Upper Miner Lakes

Managed Season: 7/1 to 9/1
Elevation: 6,500 feet
Site: Relatively flat ground supporting a dense stand of lodgepole pine. To the west of the campground is Mussigbrod Lake, which is 102 acres.
Facilities: Five family units with fire rings, picnic tables at most sites, toilet facilities, drinking water, bulletin board, garbage disposal method is "pack in/pack out," firewood is not supplied, no trailer disposal station available, stock use area, loading ramp, hitch rails
Attractions: Boating/canoeing (closed to gasoline motors)/ramp, fishing (brook, grayling), hunting access, hiking, wilderness portal, general nature appreciation, Continental Divide National Scenic Trail access


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