Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

San Antonio Bay (Northwest Shoreline)

Located along the San Antonio Bay shoreline of the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge is Mustang Lake. The entire upper end of this estuary has shallow, grass flats and hard sand bottoms that make for excellent wadefishing conditions. Mustang Lake is accessed by flats boat from the Intracoastal Waterway. Proceed north through the middle of the entrance to the cut, and then toward the upper end.

The Chicken Foot Reef Area, a multitude of oyster reefs in the middle of San Antonio Bay, offers productive blindcasting options for plentiful redfish and trout. Hopper's Landing, a marina near the entrance to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, is a good access point to these reefs. Flyfishers should target shell structure and points and use rattle flies, whistlers, and other attractor fly patterns when the water is slightly off-color around the reefs.

On calm days, when the water clears, anglers in flat-bottomed .johnboats or shallow-running skiffs can see the many shell reefs in the middle of San Antonio Bay, which lie about 3 feet below the surface. During the winter months, trout leave the flats for the deeper water around these reefs.


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