Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

Matagorda Bay: Port O'Connor Area

The Boggy Bayou and Little Boggy shorelines near Port O'Connor offer drive-up, walk-in wadefishing and sightcasting to tailing redfish. Fish this area at sunrise and leave when boat traffic picks up. To reach Boggy Bayou, take Texas 185 to Port O'Connor. At Seventh Street turn left and proceed until the road dead-ends, then turn right. This road will take you to the shorelines of Boggy Bayou and Little Boggy.

Matagorda Island (Northeast End)

Bayucos Flat is among a number of small islands, estuaries, and grass flats that are a short distance by boat from Port O'Connor and offer prime wadefishing and sightcasting opportunities. These shallow flats and shorelines are ideal even on crowded weekends because you can run up a reasonable distance, drop your anchor, and then get out and wade areas removed from boat traffic. Bayucos Flat holds redfish and is a good place to stalk tailing fish in the morning.

Nearby Whitacker's Flat, located at the end of Saluria Bayou and continuing west, is another shallow, wadable stretch with grass beds. The back side of Grass Island also offers wadable flats that hold redfish, trout, as well as flounder.

Anglers who travel by boat around the point south of Grass Island can access tidal creeks into an area called Big Pocket, with a wadable shoreline that extends from Lighthouse Cove well into Mule Slough. It is important for waders in the slough to stay near the shoreline, where the bottom is firm. Out in the middle, in water 3 to 4 feet deep, the bottom can get soft. There are all kinds of small tidal lakes, cuts, coves, and bayous behind the shoreline that hold redfish.

Mule Slough also can be reached via Saluria Bayou. Once you reach the"J Hook," a point on a small island that opens into a shallow water estuary, you come to the entrance of Fish Pond. Turn around here and go back to the first cut that goes through the grass. Here you can anchor and walk into Mule Slough where there is excellent wadefishing.

Mule Slough and other nearby coves, bayous, shorelines, and tidal lakes make the Port O'Connor area an ideal fly-fishing destination.


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