Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest


The Apache-Sitgreaves provides habitat (food and shelter) for 411 species of wildlife. Forest Service responsibility is the management of habitat while the Arizona Game and Fish Department regulates and manages the wildlife.

Wildlife observation has no closed seasons or bag limits. It does not require a permit special skill or equipment. All you need is patience and a comfortable spot from which to watch. A marsh habitat has been developed at Pintail Lake four miles northeast of Show Low using treated sewage effluent. With interpretive signs and an observation platform, it is a good spot to observe waterfowl as well as other types of wildlife.

Willow Springs Horsetrap Wildlife Habitat Area
This area is closed to motorized vehicle use in order to provide a "quiet" area for wildlife. Elk and deer are often observed, especially in the summer. In October, the leaves of aspen and oak trees change to a golden yellow. Trails are located on old logging roads and are not marked. A ride to the edge of Chevelon Canyon ends in a beautiful view of the canyon. Riding the loop trail provides a view of Willow Springs Lake.

The National Forests are open to hunting but shooting is prohibited in some areas. Primary species hunted are mule deer, elk, antelope, turkey, and waterfowl. Elk and deer season in particular draw large numbers of hunters.

Hunting regulations are available from the Arizona Game and Fish Department and most sporting goods stores. A tribal permit is required in addition to an Arizona hunting license to hunt on the adjacent Ft. Apache or San Carlos Apache Indian Reservations.


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