Animas River Rafting
Animas River Rafting at a Glance
Price: $$
River Rapid Class: Upper: IV-V; Lower: I-III
Trip in Miles: Upper: 26 miles; Lower: 5 to 12 miles
Trip Duration: Upper: 1 to 3 days; Lower: 1 day
Season: Upper: May-July; Lower: May-August
Raft Types: Oar Raft, Paddle Raft
River Sections: Upper and Lower
Nearby Towns: Durango (CO), Silverton (CO)
Gateway City: Durango (CO)
Driving Times: Grand Junction (CO): 4 hours; Albuquerque (NM): 4 hours

The Animas is a long river, flowing from high in the San Juan mountains to its confluence with the San Juan River in New Mexico. In its upper reaches, the Animas rampages at walloping Class V for miles through the Animas Gorge. This is a river that tests both technique and endurance. Another gorge further on stops action: its unrunnability requires the boater to either walk away or take the train that runs along the river. The Animas eventually calms down to a bouncy Class I above Durango.

Published: 4 May 2011 | Last Updated: 25 Aug 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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