Top Ten Most-Isolated National Parks

Lake Clark National Park, Alaska
Lake Clark National Park
A peak with a view: Climb Lake Clark's many mountains

Across the Cook Inlet from Anchorage, Lake Clark took the number two spot for fewest visitors to a national park in 2002, at just over 4,000. In other words, caribou outnumbered people almost 50 to 1. It's desolate, alright: You have to fly in, all camping is primitive, and there are no trails. Even your best bushwhacking skills might be for naught here; many rivers are simply impassable. But those rivers (and the many lakes) make for great fishing and wildlife viewing; mountains and glaciers give it unrivaled scenery. You'll see bears, caribou, moose, coyotes, and lynx. And, with two large bays nearby, you can check out marine mammals like sea lions, beluga whales, harbor seals, and porpoises.


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