Adirondacks State Park

Northville-Placid Trail

Section A—Northville to Piseco
34.80 miles

The beginning of the Northville-Placid Trail follows the highway from Northville to Benson Center and impatient hikers may want to drive to Benson Center. However, the scenery along the Stony Creek Valley is well worth the walk.

No high mountains are encountered in this section, but the forests are as wild as any found on the trail.

MAPS: Northville, Harrisburg, Lake Pleasant and Piseco Quadrangles

Miles Trail Description

00.00 Northville (795' elev.) The trail begins at the western end of the bridge over the Sacandaga River and follows Rt. 30 north.

03.30 The trail leaves Rt. 30 and follows County Route 6. entering from the west. marked Benson Center.

06.20 North road on the right leads to the trail to Cathead Mt. fire tower 2.7 miles. 1,300 ft. ascent (2,423' elev.)

08.50 The trail bears left on the main road.

09.20 Benson Center (1,289' elev.) This hamlet is but a handful of homes in the valley of the North Branch West Stony Creek. Make a right turn onto a dirt road (Washburn Rd.) at this location.

09.75 At the fork in the road bear to the left on Godfrey Road.

10.25 Parking lot. The route is passable by automobile to this point. A trail register is located a short distance beyond the parking area.

11.55 Parking lot. Passable by four wheel drive vehicle to this point.

11.85 The trail crosses the North Branch of West Stony Creek.

12.70 The trail crosses Goldmine Creek.

14.75 Rock Lake. (1,917 elev.) a small pond. lays off a spur trail (0.1 mile) on the left.

15.80 The trail crosses the West Branch of the Sacandaga River at the western end of an old clearing and bears sharply right up the west bank of the stream.

16.65 Meco lake (2,106' elev.) is on the right.

17.50 Silver Lake (2,072' elev.) is on the left. The trail leads around the eastern shore of the lake to a lean-to.

19.80 Canary Pond (2,007' elev.) is on the left.

23.15 Mud Lake (1,730' elev.) is on the right. The trail skirts the western end of the lake to a lean-to.

25.95 The trail crosses the West Branch of the Sacandaga River (West River) on a large suspension type foot bridge. The old road on the north side of the river leads right 0.1 mile to a parking area at Whitehouse. From this location it is 8.6 miles along the dirt road (West River Rd.) to the village of Wells. This is the only turn back point between Northville and Piseco. Turn left and follow markers. A DEC register is located at the junction.

28.30 Cross Hamilton Lake stream on a suspension bridge.

28.60 Hamilton Lake stream lean-to on right 100 ft. off trail.

30.95 Buckhorn Lake, (1,810' elev.) a pond with good trout fishing lays just off to the right.

32.25 A register booth is located just before the trail crosses State Route 8 and follows the Old Route 8 (County Road 24) into Piseco Village. Supplies, meals and lodging available at State Route 8.

33.55 Piseco Post Office.

34.00 Piseco (1,680' elev.) and Piseco Lake (1,661' elev.) a lake of 4.32 sq. miles. Overnight accommodations can be made in the village or at nearby State campgrounds on the western shore of the lake.

34.80 Road junction Turn right on Haskell Road.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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