Adirondacks State Park

Southern Approaches

From Tahawas

This trail ventures from Tahawas and travels past Lake Sally, East River, Hanging Spear Falls, the Flowed Lands and Lake Colden.

The trailhead is located on the Tahawus Road. Travel east from Newcomb Village on state highway 28N to where it intersects with the Blue Ridge Road. Follow the Blue Ridge Road 1.5 miles where it intersects with the Tahawus Road Turning left, follow the Tahawus Road about 8.2 miles to a parking lot on the right. This trail starts at the parking lot. From this point, follow yellow markers crossing the Hudson River on a cable bridge. Follow yellow markers passing Lake Jimmy and Lake Sally. The trail reaches the East River which it then follows in a northerly direction.

The trail then crosses the East River on a suspension foot bridge. Continue on yellow markers to the Twin Brook lean-to. Follow red markers across stream. The trail then follows up the Opalescent River, past Hanging Spear Falls, to the dam forming the Flowed Lands and around the west and north sides of this body of water to Lake Colden. The total distance to Marcy over this route from the trailhead is 12 miles, the ascent 3,600 feet.

Miles Trail Description

00.00 Parking area. Follow yellow markers past Lake Jimmy and Lake Sally. Trail reaches East River and follows upstream on bank. Cross East River on suspension foot bridge.

3.95 Twin Brook lean-to. Trail now marked with red markers. Follow red markers across Upper Twin Brook.

4.90 Lower end of East River Gorge to left. Gorge lean-to.

6.55 Flowed Lands. Cross Opalescent River to left. Griffen lean-to at far end of dam. Spur trail to right (yellow) to lean-to on Livingston Point.

6.95 Intersect blue trail from left from Indian Pass and former Tahawus Club near Calamity Brook dam. Calamity lean-tos. Keep on red trail to right north of Flowed Lands.

7.80 Blue trail left at bridge leads to Interior Headquarters and Algonquin Mountain, 2 miles. Cross outlet of Lake Colden for Marcy.

7.90 Arrive at Colden lean-tos, intersecting yellow trail from Avalanche Pass from left.

9.35 Follow red markers to Uphill lean-to.

9.85 Follow yellow markers to Feldspar lean-to and intersection with blue trail to Lake Arnold 2.25 miles and Avalanche lean-tos 3.75 miles.

11.00 Follow yellow markers to Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds and Four Corners. Follow yellow markers to the left for Mount Marcy.

12.00 Top of Marcy.

From Elk Lake

The trail from Elk Lake is one of the oldest. It is marked with blue markers and starts .5 miles south of Elk Lake on the west side of the road. The highway to Elk Lake is public as far as Clear Pond Gate; however, traffic may proceed to the parking lot .5 miles south of Elk Lake when the road is not posted.

The trail to Boreas Mountain begins at the Clear Pond Gate. Both the trail to Boreas Mountain and to Mount Marcy begin on private land. Crossing these lands with a firearm is prohibited at any time. During the big game season, hiking will not be allowed on these trails. For approximately 6.5 miles, the route to Mount Marcy is over private land where camping is not allowed. The total distance is 10.45 miles and the ascent is 3,350 feet.

The red marked trail starting from the parking lot, .5 miles south of Elk Lake, leads to Dix Mountain via Hunter Pass. Access from the gate to the trailhead parking area and beyond is closed during the big game hunting season.

Miles Trail Description

00.00 From Elk Lake parking area follow blue markers west for Mount Marcy. Follow red markers east for Dix Mountain.

4.75 Cross inlet to Upper Ausable Lake.

8.65 Panther Gorge lean-to. Cross Marcy Brook. Mount Haystack, elevation 4,918 feet, and Panther Gorge on right. Skylight, elevation 4,920 feet, on left.

9.70 Four Corners and yellow trail from Tahawus to Marcy, bear right on yellow markers.

10.45 Top of Marcy.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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