Adirondacks State Park

Mount Marcy

Western Approach from Tupper Lake

Tupper Lake

This trail starts at Coreys which by car can be reached by turning south from Route 3, the Tupper Lake-Saranac Lake highway, about 9 miles east of Tupper Lake Village. Automobiles may be driven 7 miles further on the Ampersand Road to the parking lot where the foot trail turns to the left for Marcy and the Cold River country. The total distance to Marcy from Coreys is 33.4 miles.

Miles Trail Description

0.00 Saranac Lake-Tupper Lake highway (Route 3) at Coreys turn.

2.50 Road forks; right fork to Axton Landing and Raquette River. Straight ahead for Marcy Trail.

2.90 Cross Stony Creek Ponds outlet on iron bridge.

7.05 Cars may be driven to this point. Leave highway and take trail to right on red markers for Marcy.

8.25 Yellow trail to right leads to Shattuck Clearing.

10.55 Blueberry lean-to.

10.75 Trail joins truck trail, turn right and follow latter.

11.55 Ward Brook lean-to.

12.50 Number Four lean-tos (2).

15.10 Blue trail to Long Lake and Northville to right, continue on red markers along truck trail.

15.50 Cold River lean-tos (2); continue on red markers on truck trail for Mt. Marcy.

16.80 Duck Hole lean-tos (2). End of truck trail. Blue trail to right across dam to Lake Sanford via Bradley Pond. Bear left around Duck Hole on red markers.

17.10 Trail junction. Blue markers to left for Moose Pond and Lake Placid. Keep right on red markers for Mt. Marcy.

23.40 Trail junction, yellow trail to right for Tahawus Club, 2 miles, and Lake Sanford. Red trail to left for Indian Pass and Mt. Marcy.

23.55 Henderson lean-to.

23.85 Blue trail to right for Mt. Marcy. Red trail left for Indian Pass and Adirondak Loj via Indian Pass, mileage 7.05.

30.57 Yellow trail from right from Lake Sanford, bear left on yellow markers.

30.80 Uphill lean-to.

33.40 Top of Marcy.

Trail to Shattuck Clearing

This trail leads the hiker along the Calkins Creek Fire Truck Trail to the Cold River at Shattuck Clearing. Here it connects with the blue marked Northville-Placid Trail.

Miles Trail Description

00.00 to 01.20 Parking area at start of Blueberry Trail off Ampersand Road. Follow red trail as described above for 1.2 miles to junction with Yellow Trail. Junction of red trail with yellow marked truck trail. Red markers cross truck trail to Duck Hole. Yellow markers to right for Shattuck Clearing.

3.40 Bridge and first crossing of Calkins Creek.

5.85 Last crossing of Calkins Creek. Two lean-tos here.

10.15 Blue trail to Cold River lean-tos and Duck Hole to left. Continue on yellow markers to Shattuck. Cross bridge over Cold River.

10.20 Shattuck Clearing.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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