Adirondacks State Park

Eastern Approaches from Keene Valley

Johns Brook Trail
via Slant Rock

This trail is the oldest and best known trail from the east. It begins at the main corners in Keene Valley Village, and follows up Johns Brook past Bushnell Falls and the natural rock shelter known as Slant Rock Camp. The distance from Keene Valley to the top of Marcy is 10 miles, and the ascent is 4,250 feet.

An Interior Headquarters is maintained by the Department of Environmental Conservation on this trail, 4.6 miles from Keene Valley.

Miles and Trail Description

00.00 "The Garden," end of automobile road. If cars are parked here, care should be taken not to block exit of cars already parked. Follow yellow markers.

0.88 Bear Brook lean-to.

1.27 Lean-to; Deer Brook by ravine.

3.10 Department of Environmental Conservation Interior Caretaker Headquarters. Hikers are urged to register here. Such registration is valuable in case of accidents or other emergencies. Bear right on yellow markers for Johns Brook Lodge, mount Marcy and the Range Trail. Left on blue markers to Wolf Jaw, Wolf Jaw lean-to and for the Range Trail at times of high water.

3.21 Howard lean-to.

3.25 Cross Slide Brook on foot bridge. Trail to right, 200 feet beyond is Adirondack Mountain Club Trail to Big Slide Mountain and thence to junction with the Johns Brook South Meadows Trail in Klondike or Railroad Notch.

3.52 Johns Brook Lodge of the Adirondack Mountain Club. At the lodge, the blue trail to the left is the Range Trail leading to Gothics, Saddleback, Basin, etc. Red trail to the right to Klondike Notch, Klondike lean-to, South Meadows, Adirondak Loj and Lake Placid. Continue straight ahead on yellow markers for Mount Marcy.

4.46 Hogback Brook.

5.03 Bushnell Falls to left in deep ravine.

5.08 Trail junction. Yellow trail to right is Hopkins Trail to Marcy, 3.75 miles, with easy grade and excellent views. For Bushnell Falls lean-to, and Slant Rock lean-to, follow red markers to left and cross brook at bridge.

5.15 Bushnell Falls lean-to, on the left of trail.

6.81 Trail junction and Slant Rock lean-to. Yellow trail to left to Range Trail west slope of Basin Mountain, 1.2 miles. Continue on red markers for Mount Marcy.

7.78 Top of divide between Johns Brook and Panther Gorge. Blue trail to left is Range Trail over Haystack, Basin and Saddleback Mountains to Keene Valley, 10.5 miles.

8.47 Intersect Van Hoevenberg Trail. Blue markers to right for Adirondak Loj and Lake Placid, turn left on blue markers for Mount Marcy.

9.05 Top of Mount Marcy. Yellow markers ahead lead to Elk Lake, Lake Sanford, Lake Colden, etc.

Hopkins Trail

This trail follows Slant Rock Trail to a point just below Bushnell Falls, where it branches, keeping on the north side of Johns Brook, to an intersection with the Van Hoevenberg Trail on the top of Plateau. The distance to Marcy over this trail is 10.5 miles, a difficult trip to make in one day.

Miles and Trail Description

00.00 Same as Slant Rock Trail. Continue on with yellow markers.

6.60 Red markers to left, go via Slant Rock.

9.20 End of yellow markers. Intersect Van Hoevenberg Trail, blue markers to right for Lake Placid, 16.75 miles. Keep left with blue markers for Marcy.

9.75 Red trail to left for Slant Rock, Keene Valley and Range Trail.

10.30 Top of Marcy.

Range Trail

This trail is the most scenic as well as the most difficult. Beginning at Keene Valley, it follows up the Johns Brook Trail to Orebed Brook; thence to the saddle between Saddleback and Gothic Mountains and leads over the summits of Saddleback and Basin Mountains, to the Slant Rock Trail. The trail is very steep in places, especially on the west side of Saddleback, and both sides of Basin. The distance over this trail to Marcy is 11.75 miles.

Miles and Trail Description

00.00 Main corners Keene Valley Village. Follow yellow markers up north side of Johns Brook.

5.05 Johns Brook Lodge. Take blue markers to left.

5.85 Orebed Brook lean-to.

5.95 Leave log road for trail, enter virgin timber.

7.55 Saddle between Gothic and Saddleback Mountains.

7.70 Top east peak Saddleback.

8.05 Top west peak Saddleback, elevation 4,530 feet, descent now very steep over rock ledge.

8.75 High point, Basin Mountain, elevation 4,825 feet.

9.55 Yellow trail to right to Slant Rock lean-to on Slant Rock Trail, .5 miles.

10.10 Yellow trail to left of Little Haystack, 1/16 mile and Haystack, .5 miles.

10.55 Intersect Slant Rock Trail from right, red markers. Follow red markers to left for Marcy.

11.20 Intersect Van Hoevenberg Trail. Blue markers to right for Adirondak Loj, 6.55 miles. Follow blue markers to left for Marcy.

11.75 Top of Marcy.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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