A Family Affair: Vacationing in Yellowstone National Park

Spanning three different states (though 96 percent of the park is in Wyoming), Yellowstone National Park is the eighth-largest national park in the United States—which makes more than enough room to run free. Here's our guide for a seamless family trip to the park that millions visit every year.
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Yellowstone National Park
Entrance to Yellowstone National Park (Comstock/Thinkstock)

Imagine spending a weekend spotting moose and elk, or braking for bison herds—behind either the wheel of a car or a set of handlebars. You can also hike past bubbling mud pots and towering geysers, dip your toes in a boiling river, and fish along ambling, trout-filled rivers. Yellowstone National Park is a special place, not simply for its sheer size and grandeur, but because there is nowhere else like it on this continent. Even better: It’s a massive, kid-friendly outdoor amusement park that’s perfect for families of all ages and outdoor skills.

Read on to discover more about the park's best family attractions, campgrounds, and programs, plus get safety tips and help on travel logistics.

Published: 26 Mar 2012 | Last Updated: 24 Oct 2012
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