What to do in P. H. Hoeft State Park

P. H. Hoeft State Park is located along the shores of beautiful Lake Huron, offering an excellent sand beach, swimming area, scenic hiking, and expansive picnic ground. The heavily wooded 301-acre park was one of the first 14 Michigan State Parks. Lumber baron, Paul H. Hoeft on January 2, 1922, donated the original property. In the late 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps built a picnic shelter, which is still in use today. An interesting feature of the park is the moderating effect of Lake Huron, which causes temperatures to be less extreme during both summer and winter. In addition, it also causes up to two weeks delay in season changes compared to a few miles inland.

P.H. Hoeft State Park is located along the shores of Lake Huron, offering an excellent swimming area, scenic hiking along the one-mile beach, and a close view of Great Lakes freighters. A spacious picnic shelter with split-stone fireplace accommodates 100 people and affords a lakefront view. The day use area also includes individual picnic tables, a children's playground and a beach house.

The heavily wood park offers 142 modern campsites. Most of the sites are shade covered and within 100 yards of the lakeshore. A small group camp is available for youths. Camping facilities are open April 15 to December 1 with modern toilets available May 1 to November 1.

Winter camping is enjoyed by visitors who come for a quiet, peaceful place to camp and enjoy the beauty of the frozen lake and snow covered forest. Campers can hike, cross-country ski, or just play in the snow.

For those who would like to experience camping but don't have a tent or trailer the park offers a mini-cabin. The mini-cabin, designed to sleep 4 people, is equipped with bunks and mattresses, electricity, a table, with chairs, and a picnic table and fire ring outside. Occupants of the mini-cabin have access to all the conveniences found in the campground.

A bike trail from the campground allows for a 4.5-mile ride to Rogers City. Trails are open to hikers and cross-country skiers. Wildflowers are abundant during the warmer months. For those visitors interested in more challenging hiking or skiing, several developed areas are nearby including the Black Mountain State Forest Recreation Area.

The park is a popular staging area for anglers who access Lake Huron trout and salmon by launching their boats at nearby ramps or by using local charter services. There are also many streams and inland lakes in the area where various species of fish can be found.

About half of the park is opened for hunting black bear, white-tailed deer and an assortment of small game.

P. H. Hoeft State Park offers a variety of recreations including an array of winter sports, boating, fishing, camping, cabin lodging, picnicking, group picnicking, hiking, biking, and hunting.

P.H. Hoeft State Park is located along the shores of Lake Huron about five miles northwest of Rogers City off US-23.

The Straits normally experiences mild summers with average temperatures around 70 degrees F (21 degrees C). Winter temperatures average 14 - 18 degrees F (-10 to -8 degrees C). Yearly rain and snowmelt in the region averages 28 - 36 inches but can be dramatically altered by the "lake effect," thus depositing significant amounts of snow within a short period of time causing hazardous road conditions.

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