Wildflower Meadow Eugene (iStockphoto)

Dog Play Eugene (iStockphoto)

Multi-use Pathway Eugene (iStockphoto)

Geese in Snow (iStockphoto)

Yellow Maple (iStockphoto)

Eugene, Oregon (Don Hankins/Flickr)


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What to do in Eugene

Back in 1965, a University of Oregon student was photographed protesting the Vietnam War by sporting a handmade T-shirt that said “Make Love, Not War”—a slogan that defined not just the mood of an era, but a city’s spirit. Today in Eugene, Oregon, you’re more likely to brake for the bike lane than a 5:00 traffic jam. It’s the birthplace of Nike and Yogi Tea, solar panels are required décor, and a healthy love of debate reigns supreme. Contemplate global warming over Grateful Dead and your choice of what seems to be the hardest decision in these parts: a cup of organic hand-ground coffee, a green smoothie, or a local brewsky. The free-spirited ‘tude of Eugene is demonstrated in its motto “the world's greatest city for the arts and outdoors.” The greatest? We’ll leave that to you to decide. But with wine country, coast, and mountains, it sure makes a compelling case.

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